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Since 2007; The classic Noenga art community is the place where artists from over 120 countries, submit their artwork to be reviewed and curated by artists and art-lovers worldwide. With our unique Artist Rank an alternative form of recognition can be achieved. Having a place there means that hundreds of thousands of people world-wide like your work. Participating in this community qualifies your work for the Great World Art Collection.

Founded and developed by:
Misha Stoutenbeek and Jordi Samarra Alegre

Founder: Misha Stoutenbeek
Founder: Jordi Samarra Alegre
Ambassador: Amaya Soroya

Rusia : Elena Kaltakova
China: Joew Huang, Jing Jing Chen
Turkey: Ahmet Bütün
Colombia: Angela Pico
The Netherlands: Claudia Schipper, Andy Stoutenbeek

NOENGA™ Vocation for Art
"We believe in artists!"
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