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NOENGA® Vocation for Art

‘’We believe in artists!’’ We Support and Promote artists and Inspire art-lovers worldwide, by creating and sharing great valuable content. Since 2007, this is a classic niche art community where artists from over 120 countries, submit their artwork to be reviewed and curated by artists and art-lovers worldwide.

Why join the Noenga community?
Now your artwork can be (re)viewed by art-lovers and art professionals worldwide without interference or obstacles of any kind. With our unique ‘Artist Rank’ an alternative form of recognition can be achieved. Having a place there means that hundreds of thousands of people world wide like your work. Participating in this community qualifies your work for the Great World Art Collection.
We promote art content worldwide in multiple languages among art-lovers and art professionals.
The Noenga community is a specialized niche marketing tool for artists; Through our network and content marketing campaigns you expose your work to millions of art lover's world-wide. We bridge the gap for artists between creation and audience.
Is the Noenga community an art market place or online gallery?
No! We let buyers and others contact you personally. We do not act as an intermediary in your sales and just want to be your promotor. We advice all artist's to launch their own website with personal domain name. We aim for artists independence and 'direct-trade' and truly believe this will benefit the universal creative process.

Are all artists free to join?
Yes, everybody should get a fair chance to show his work to a large international audience.
Is it FREE?
Yes, the Noenga community is 100% FREE!
How can I join/participate?
Click SIGN UP above in the middle of the front page, fill in the fields and click save. After that, you can start loading up images of your artwork(s) and adding information to your portfolio.
I signed up but why am I not getting the verification email?
First, be patient, sometimes it takes a while for the email to arrive. Check to ensure you entered your email address correctly. If it's wrong, register again. Check your junk email box, the message might have been filtered as junk. Contact us if you can't get it to work and we'll resend your email.

USER SECTION - My Art works section
How do I manage/edit my account?
Please log in and click the ‘User' field in the upper menu bar. You will see a menu where you can switch between your Profile, Artwork Section and your Portfolio. Here you can edit and upload your artworks, publish them and edit your profile or portfolio information.
How do I obtain credits?
Please read the MONEY, COSTS, WINNING CREDITS section below to read all about it.
How do I delete an artwork?
Select the work you want to delete, and click 'edit artwork info'.
In the window that pops up you can select 'delete artwork'.

How do I upload my works?
Login and go to the ‘User' section. Click ‘Add new work', fill in the fields (please pay extra attention to the obligated fields marked with *) and click save. Your work will now appear under My artworks.
I can still not upload my work. Something goes wrong, what can I do?
Please contact us telling us your username and registered email address, and we will try to help you.
I uploaded my work(s) but don't I see them on the site, how come?
After you have uploaded your artwork, you have to decide where you want to publish it. In the competition or/and in the yearbook in your portfolio. You can do this by clicking on your artwork(s) ‘Select work to publish' in the ‘User' section. After you publish a work it will become visible on the site until the end of actual month.
How do I remove paintings that I have already exhibited?
They will automatically be removed once their exhibition time expires. This exhibition time depends on the choices you have made. If these works are exhibited in your portfolio you can remove them manually.
I cannot see my artwork in the 'My Artwork' section, what happened?
Once an artwork is exhibited in the 'Best Rated section AND your 'portfolio' section at the same time it disappears temporarily from the 'My Artworks' section.
So it will come back automatically as soon as the exhibition period expires.
How do I make a good photograph for an upload?
Stand straight in front of the work and keep the camera at the same height as the Work of Art; If available, use a 50 millimeters lens or set your zoom lens at 50 millimeters (to prevent distortion) If available, use a stand; Take the photograph by preference in (equable) daylight. If this is not possible, apply indirect flash light or a lower ISO value and/or longer exposure; The work should not be behind glass; If available, use photograph editing software to edit the photograph (make it sharper, clearer, check colors); Let your work fill up the image. Cut excessive edges.
What are the technical requirements on the upload?
Only files in JPG format; At least 72 pixels/inch and the width of the photograph preferably 800x800 pixels: the size of the photograph will be adjusted automatically; Maximum 5MB. Fill up the entire image, preferably without frame or passe-partout; Sculptures etcetera: should as much as possible fill up the image. Noenga reserves the right to refuse or adjust photographs that do not meet the above requirements.

ART VALUATION SYSTEM (Rating/Voting/Ranking)
How can I publish my work(s) on Noenga?
After you SING UP, you can upload images of your artwork(s) in the ‘User' section by clicking: ‘Add new work'. Click on one of your uploaded works to decide if you want to publish them in the yearbook in your portfolio or on the site. To publish them on the site click ‘Exhibit this month' (0,5 credit each day).
How does the Art Valuation System work?
Each month the system closes and starts over again. At that moment, the system counts the rates and votes the public gave and announces the best valuated works within each category. When you publish a work on the site, it will first show up under ‘New art'. The community can rate all the new artworks under ‘Best rated'. The artworks with a rating of more then 2.5 will promote to the ‘Most Voted' section where the community decides which work wins within each category. Winning artists are rewarded with cups and overall cups representing an amount of points. The more points you receive, the higher you climb in the ranking list. The end results are visible under ‘Artist rank'. This is a dynamic section that updates itself each month.
50 points 3 points
25 points 2 points
10 points 1 point
1 point

Recruiting a new fan and/or a follower gives you: 1 point.
Facebook's 'I like','Share', 'Twitters 'Tweet this' and Add This bookmark & share will give you more exposure.

How can I rate an artwork?
Login and select ‘Best rated'. Then in the left hand menu, select the category you want to rate a work in. You can rate as many works as you want but one time only.
How can I vote for an artwork? Login and select ‘Most voted'. Then in the left hand menu, select the category you want to vote a work in. You have to vote for three works within each category to earn credits.
Is there any policing on the voting itself? (Is there anything in place that would keep people from voting other works purposely lower or abusing it by rating themselves higher?)
There is a policy... we programmed a system which makes it impossible for a user to take another artist down. Votes can only be added, never deducted. In the rating section it works almost the same. Each month one can give a one-time rating only for each work - to prevent that he upgrades himself or downgrades others. The system reminds the history for every user.
We do everything we can to prevent abuse of the system. For example, it is not allowed to create false accounts that give feedback.
The system detects a false account when it lacks a ‘human' profile photo and/or enough personal information.
When it interacts with only 3 accounts or less, shares the same ip address, it has been created within a certain amount of time after another account interacting with certain content. Or when an account remains inactive for a long period of time.
In case the system detects one or a combination of the above mentioned events it may result in the deduction of valuation points.
Deduction of points may also occur in case of copyright violations and or works that are badly categorized.
Who is voting?
In the Noenga community, every member is a curator… many thousands of art-lovers and professionals from all over the world decide together. You are the jury!

Artist of the week, how does it work?
Every rating and vote counts as a point, recruiting followers and fans results in 50 points.
The artist with the most points by the end of the week becomes the, ‘artist of the week.'

What can I do here?
Here you can connect, share, debate and interact with artists and professionals, see artist portfolios, news and the latest community movements. You can access and filter information by selecting a ‘group' in the left hand menu and ‘network'. Networks will show you content filtered by country and groups by category.

How do I use my portfolio?
The Noenga community portfolio is open accessible and visible for everyone. That means that you can copy paste the link and send it to all your contacts to see it. You can add and edit personal information about you. You can use the ‘yearbook' to exhibit your works organized by year. Events and notes can be used to let visitors know about your latest activities.
How can I publish my work in my portfolio yearbook?
Login and go to the ‘User' section. Then select the work from the ‘My Art works' section that you want to exhibit in your portfolio yearbook. Then click ‘Add to portfolio'.

I am concerned about copyright issues, what can I do to protect my work?
Add a © notice (using photoshop or similar software) with your name or website on every picture you upload to the internet.
Can I trust Noenga community as far as © issues concerned?
Place yourself in our position… we are an open community active on almost every other important social network. Satisfied members are the best marketing-promotion we have, so breaking international © rules is absolutely not in our interest.

Is the Noenga community for free?
Yes, subscribing is FREE. There are no membership costs and we do not charge commissions on art sales.
Credits - Why is this credit system?
We invented this credit system to improve the effectiveness of online exhibiting and to create a game-play. It results in more viewers because this credit system increases the quality of the content. It prevents that the Noenga community is being used as an image database for mass upload which makes it more attractive for the public. It protects the professional character of the content and increases the amount of attention for every work being exhibited.
Why do I need credits?
Because exhibiting artworks require credits. Your credit's will be refilled for FREE to 100 by the end of each month (regardless of how many you have spend) so you can continue your use of the site. You can also win credits by voting for artworks or earn them when a lot of members vote for you. Credits can also be won if you wish to intensify your usage of our services.
How do I win credits?
You can win credits simply by voting for art or by winning cups. You also win five credits when other members become a fan of you. By obtaining credits, you can continue or intensify the use of our services.

50 credits 3 credits
25 credits 2 credits
10 credits 1 credit
1 credit

How are the credits on voting earned? How quickly do they show in the account?
The credits you earn are added to your account directly after you vote or after the next time you login to your account. Credits earned by winning cups are added before the end of the month.

How can I buy an artwork?
1) Directly from the artist. The Noenga community allows direct contact between artists, public and buyers, you are completely free. Of course, we cannot give any guaranties.
How do Noenga artists do, insofar as sales, commission work, etc. go as a result of their listings on the Noenga community?
Everybody is welcome on this platform. The Noenga team does not act as a curator but let its community speak. Because of that system there is a very big variety in artist sales on our site. Because we let buyers free to buy from artist directly, it is very hard for us to say anything about their sales. For as far as we know sales go from nothing to extremely well. It also depends on your own level of activity on the site. The more active you are, the more people will notice you.
I am on the Noenga community and nothing happened. I did not sell any work, why?
Promoting artists and selling their work worldwide is not an easy job. Although we try every day, we cannot create miracles. The Noenga community offers you the platform, the marketing tools, the traffic and the audience but, your success depends on how the public reacts to your work and the amount of energy you invest into your online promotion.

How can I deactivate my Noenga community account
Just send us an email to support(at) and write 'deactivate account ' in the message field. Please provide the e-mail address you registered with and your username. If not complete we cannot deactivate your account. We don’t like to lose you, so please tell us what made you decide to close your account and what we can do to improve our platform.

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